What is 450 Mbps and how does it affect my internet speed?

Hello. I have a question about wireless networking at home.

I recently bought a wireless card (external dual band antennas) to put inside my computer. Ethernet cable was not an option. It is too far from my router.

The wireless card says 450 Mbps. What exactly is this 450 Mbps and how does it affect my internet speed?

My room is pretty far from the router and I'm only getting 4/5 bars at most. I'm currently paying for 50 Mbps/ 25 Mbps. I'm only getting 2-5 Mbps/ 6-10 Mbps when doing the speedtest. How come the speed is so slow? Is it because I'm not connecting it via Ethernet. Even if it is so, it shouldn't be this low right? Well...I even tried changing the channels on my router, it doesn't make much of a difference.

Thanks for the help!
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    The speed indicated for wireless using 802.11n or 802.11ac is based on the best case speed between PC to WIFI ROUTER ONLY (note: didn't say anything about the Internet). This would be LINE OF SITE (i.e. you put you EYEBALL where the wireless antenna is on your PC and 'look' towards the router is you see it with your EYE that is line of site) with no other interferences (Multiple neighbors ALL having the same model WIFI ROUTER and all broadcasting on the same channel, like two or more radio stations on the same channel you only get static, same for the WIFI).

    Now depending on the many factors; distance, how many other wifi devices connect to THIS Wifi Router (your cell phone, ipad, console, the tablet, the PC, the laptop...... adds up quickly doesn't it?), that no interfering channel is present, how many PHYSICAL things (walls, doors, bookcases, STEEL CABINETS, Lead Lines Coffins - YES Even Funeral homes have wifi and this is a issue!, etc.) between (line of site) both ends all decreases the RANGE and SPEED of the connection, among other factors. If your using a Windows based PC and hold your mouse over the 'bars icon' in the bottom right tray, the pop up says how 'fast' the connection is. Depending what your Wireless card IS (again depends is it 802.11b? g? n?) that there isn't things 'in between, what version of Windows this is we are talking about, and WHAT WIFI ROUTER YOU HAVE all give a more precise picture of what speeds you SHOULD normally get.

    Now you 'speedtest' on the Internet have no impact on this issue, in fact if your wireless was slower, the simple test is go wireless and do the test first, then wire in the connection, turn off wireless, repeat test IS THERE A DIFFERENCE? Then we determine from there the problem.

    CABLE Internet your are NOT paying for 50Mbps / 25Mbps.. your are paying UP TO ((VERY KEY WORDS HERE)) 50Mbps. That is like the highway you CAN go UP TO 75Mph, BUT if it is rush hour traffic DO you DO 75Mph? NO, your lucky if your doing 30, more likely 10-15 bumper to bumper. Cable is the same way when EVERYONE is on at the same time. A good test is near the middle of the night or middle of the weekday, since people are either asleep or at work / school then. This would then be a good test time to see the speeds. If you have ON WIRED CONNECTED to router speeds still very slow CALL YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER and complain! you are paying for higher speed demand it!
  2. Just to amend, the 450/300/150 is the rated link speed referring to the potential of the wireless network and you will NEVER reach it on any SpeedTest. If you get half, be very, very happy and consider it optimized. Even then, it would have to be ideal conditions and everything set up perfectly.

    A good n150 setup will probably test up to about 40Mbps
    A good n300 will push 70-80Mbps with potential to go over 100Mbps

    I've never really bothered with n450 since there's not a lot of n450 adapters out there and at that point, if I need the speed I will go wired.
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