Adding a second disc drive, which shall be SSD. I got some questions.

Hi there.
As an introduction i wanted to say, that I own a laptop called Asipre V3-772G so it can fit two disc drives.
I got 2x HDD's right now, but I'm planning to switch one of them for SSD.
And that brings me to my question(s):

If i want my windows to boot from SSD, do I have to do a clean windows install ?
What will happen to my existing files/games ?
How much faster will the boot time be on windows ? Right now it takes about 1-2 minutes to get my windows fully operational(desktop, automated starting programs open)

Planning to get Samsung 840 EVO(256GB)

Thanks in advance.
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    No - you can clone your boot drive to the SSD, provided you buy a big enough SSD, so no ned to re-install Windows. A great choice is the Crucial MX100, which comes with cloning software, or another popular choice is the Samsung 840 Evo that you've picked out, which comes with software that doubles the speed of a high percentage of operations (so it's worth the extra)

    As to how much of a speed boost you will get, it will be very big, but will depend on whether your laptop has Sata II or Sata III - obviously you will get a bigger speed increase with Sata III, but the boost with Sata II is still more than worth the upgrade cost.
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