Hard Disk recovery validation failed

Hello everyone!
I have installed a new copy on my Medion Akoya laptop, and I've made two partitions and after few hours laptop crashed with message :Windows failed to start due to a recent hardware or software change. 0XC00000F FILE:windows/windows.old
I tried to repair, but the message was: Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.
I installed Windows again, and same thing happened, only now I can't even go to repair or install, it's stuck on black screen after starting Windows.
I've tried factory reset, and the message is Hard Disk recovery validation failed.
Is there any solution to this problem, or my hard drive is toasted :/
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    The hard drive may still be okay but the factory recovery partition on it is corrupt. You will need to perform factory recovery from the set of recovery discs that you should have made when the computer was working okay. If you didn't make these you'll have to contact the manufacturer and ask them if they can send you a set of recovery discs for your model.
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