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Hi, I've been looking for a new gaming laptop and I stumbled upon It had a wide range of laptops of which I liked but when I searched them on the brand website (e.g. Asus, Sager) I couldn't find that specific laptop. So I was wondering if anyone knows for sure wether it is a legit site.

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    yes its legit. It's a custom build service and they're rated really highly
  2. Never bought from them but they have been around awhile. It's like buying from a cyberpower or Ibuypower. There a big reseller of sager. I would just cover yourself by using a good credit card to make the purchase. If I remember right they give a discount for cash. But I do believe they are a trust worthy website. Not sure about warranties or anything like that.
  3. Before getting gaming laptop , you wanted to know if a site is legitimate,you should keep in mind the following instructions
    1.Use Whois lookup tool like to check the whois information.Because legitimate company
    properly update whois database.
    2.Then check whether domain owner contact details and E-mail address is currently active or not.
    3.Finally take some reviews about that company using,
    I am sure above the steps are very useful to check any company is legit or scam.I hope it will be very useful to you
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