Dual booting, windows 8 for the 1st user and the windows 7 for the 2nd user. Help

Hello, I need help, I am getting third HDD and want to upgrade to windows 8, but still have windows 7 on my 500 GB HDD (doing re-installation,data is not important). The problem is that i want windows 8 to be only for the first user and windows 7 for the second one. So if i log into my acc (first account and administrator) i have windows 8 on it and if i log into second one (standard user) he will have windows 7. And after that, restrict standard user to access SSD and HDD of the first user.

SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB (windows 8 OS,first user)
HDD #1: Western Digital Black 1 TB (games,first user)
HDD #2: Western Digital Blue 500GB (second user,windows 7 OS)
Thank you,
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    As far as I know, all users use only one OS. But, if you dual boot, you can Install windows 8 on your 1tb and win7 on your 500gb. now, Using an admin account in win7, Change the permissions of the drives you own to only the admin while giving no access to the other account.(which you need to make first.) then, at the win8 boot screen, you can now choose to run either win8 or win7. There's a full tutorial here:
  2. Thank you for your quick reply, Intel Celeron. I also want to know , because i am not sure, if I restrict standard user from my first 2 hard drives (ssd and 1tb hdd), will he automatically save his download and his stuff on the 500 GB hdd or do i need to manually do it?
  3. His downloads will be, by default saved to (Boot Partition. Default is C):/Users/(Username)/Downloads.
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