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Can someone tell me how the hell you install a HDD in a Zalman z11 plus case please ? I know it's probably something simple i'm missing but for the life of me I can't work it out. The manual is basically just like 3 pictures and i'm expected to work it out from that. Do i slide in to the HDD cage and then insert screws or insert screws with the anti-vibe rubbers first then slide it in ? I tried putting the screws and anti-vibes on first but there was no way it was going in that I could see. Been looking forward to building this for months now, but it's really just been a freaking nightmare, and far too fiddly for my liking.
Any advice would be great before I lose my mind, would appreciate it.
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  1. Thanks, but that's basically just some dude talking about the case, he doesn't install anything :/
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    No he does install HDD look at 6:20 ;)
  3. Turns out I was using the wrong screws lol, thanks man.
  4. Mirage1990 said:
    Turns out I was using the wrong screws lol, thanks man.

    LOL :D Well no problem Im glad I could help you :)
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