Help with possible CPU issue (not sure)

First post here ever. I just wrote out the entire thing but I but apparently I did not do it properly. Also I am an idiot with PC hardware. Hmm..

I recently went afk while playing a game and came back to a blank screen. My PC runs, all the fans and GPU fans, but nothing comes up on screen. No data is being transmitted.

I have: P55-UDP4 Gigabyte Mobo, Corsair 750 PSU, i5 750 CPU, AMD 7870 GPU, two sticks of 4GB Corsair RAM (1600MHz I think, I made sure it was compatible... my brother put the thing together he knows about it, I honestly don't know what i am doing).

The Phase LEDs I have mean CPU Loading (Green, Green, Yellow, Red), if that means anything. I have seen them lit up in the past though, so I don't know if that is an issue. I can't listen for the beeps as I don't have any way to do so to my knowledge.

I have it hooked up through the GPU for video so I'm not sure what I could do as far as removing all peripherals and simply running the CPU and mobo, then adding everything piece by piece.

Basically, I'm just wondering if it is possible that it is my GPU. I would've thought i would get some display still, as my brother has gotten display when his cards have gone bad (no graphics power though).

My plan is to upgrade. To buy a modern mobo and CPU. But if it is unlikely that will help, I suppose I won't do that. I am not sure what could be wrong.
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  1. Are you sure the PC is booting? Have you tested your monitor? Is this a new build or is this something that just started happening randomly? need a bit more info.
  2. My PC is about one year old, so yeah it has been running ok as far as I know. I just play games on it (mostly path of exile, which isn't super graphic intensive or anything). It did this while I was afk. Im still getting used to the site, sorry. I forgot to mention that.

    Unfortunately I am using my HD TV still as I never bought a monitor. But yeah it works, all of the ports do. Also the pc does run, all the fans run including the GPU fan.

    Furthermore, I forgot to mention that it does run cool. My CPU was never over clocked, it runs at the stock 2.66GHz (I think that is it). I use hw monitor to keep an eye on temps and it rarely goes over the 40-50 C range. It is usually between 30s-50s.
  3. When the screen blacked out was the game still running or did it crash? When you rebooted did it go back into windows? Also what size TV and resolution are you running.

    What kind of PSU are you using?
  4. Unfortunately I was afk so I never saw what happened. When I came back my TV was showing "No data" or something to that effect, like if you just switched input to an empty HDMI port. The PC was still running, fans and all. Sounded normal as far as I could tell, although the fan on the bottom of the CPU air cooler was being unusually loud/clunky. That went away after turning it off. However when I turned it back on, from that point forward, nothing displays. As if the HDMI port is empty. I tried using different ports and cables also.

    I have a 42in VIZIO TV. It is up to 1080p resolution, but that is about all I remember.

    My PSU is a Corsair 750 (I believe it is a 750).
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    Sounds like a bad GPU. Running it on that TV is creating a lot of demand on the card. That is a good brand PSU, so i "think" you are fine there.

    I would try to test the card in another computer or even try on a smaller monitor. see if you get any image at all. but my guess is the video card went bad.

    If you still get an image and can get into windows, you can try to update drivers see if that helps.

    The loud fan noises i would almost suspect was coming from your Video card as well. Of course this is all speculation but it is leaning towards the video card.
  6. You're right, it was the GPU. I got a spare card from my brother and it came on normally.

    I thought that the resolution was the issue, rather than the screen size (on the issue of screen size), but perhaps that does make a difference. I don't know, tbh.

    Anyway, I can't believe my card went bad after a year. Would my stock speed 2.66GHz i5 750 cause an issue? Maybe it was just the big TV? Man. I have a monitor now from my brother. Can't believe that card went bad already, meanwhile the oldest stuff in the PC is fine. Figures.

    Thanks for the advice.
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