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So basically I want a different OS in each HDD. I was wondering how much I need of a power supply because I have no way of supplying the 2nd HDD in terms of cables, btw the one I have is 500W.
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  1. HDDs hardly use any power. As long as the PSU is able to power the rest of the system then adding more HDDs shouldn't change anything. What are the system specs?
  2. I would grab a y-splitter for whichever power plug your hdd uses (ie sata or 4-pin molex)
  3. My specs are Intel i7 4790, amd r7 250x 1gb , asus z97 pro wifi, but the thing is, I don't have any more cables to conect the power source to the 2nd HDD power. DO you have any idea how to do that?
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    What PSU do you have? It's very unlikely there isn't another SATA power cable available unless it's a very low-quality PSU. If you really don't have any more SATA power cables available you can use a splitter like was mentioned above. One of these would work.

    Or this to split a molex power connector to two SATA connectors.
  5. my PSU is Hiditec, it costed about 35€ which is 46.9 $, and yeah I don't see any power cables that conect do my HDD, at least directly, but I believe that the second link that you sent to me would work so Thanks!
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