how to fix rundll32.exe.file

I just click 'open with' at the rundll32.exe file and all my file become like the program i choose. then I can't open all my file. if i click at my file it will open the file that I choose at the 'open with', is there any ways to solve my problem
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  1. Use Windows System Restore, or just pick "open with.." and select the proper program again.

    Why are you opening programs with rundll32.exe? You may want to check for virus'.
  2. back up and restore center ... that opens automatically with programs that need to call on the dll library and when you close the program it closes with it now you seemed to have set it to where it only opens with the one program you selected it to open with . so do a backup and hope it repairs that
  3. junkeymonkey said:

    sfc /scannow from the cmd prompt should fix it.
    However; any bizarre issues like these are generally related to a virus infection or pirated software (often both).
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    you said this in meaning you changed it ---- I just click 'open with' at the rundll32.exe file

    and there will be choices for you to pick and when you choose one weather by accident or what its locked to that what was selected

    now I don't know what you done or weather is what yu say as far as in your last post but I beleave there are 2 locations fror this and one is in c-windows system32 and wow64 [if its windows 64bit] and is a core windows file .. if you feel it a malware all you can do is try to see if something like this can find and remove it
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