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The AMD 970 Chipset on my Asus motherboard is BURNING. I can't keep my finger on it for longer than 2 seconds. But the temp in AIDA64 EXTREME doesn't get over 40. So... is that normal ? And I get some bluescreens, the sound "freezes" and the bluescreen. It doesn't record the minidumps, sometimes not even the bluescreen is visible. It's just a blue screen with some white "erased" text...
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  1. What are your specs? If you're running a fx 8xxx, there are some motherboards on the lower end of the 970 chipset that doesn't fully support it.
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    Yes, this is a problem. Make sure you have good airflow through your case. VRM coolers are also available, such as for $15. If you don't have good airflow, you can use an Antec Spot Cool to aim a flow of air at the VRMs: which is also $15.
  3. Fx-6300... with a Super Flower 600W Gold Rated PSU 90%, R9 280X Gigabyte Rev 2. The BSODS I only had latelty
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