Fractal Define R4. Are 2 fans enough?

Hi, so I'm about to build my first PC and I got some questions.

My case is gonna be the R4, and I've already bought 2 Bitfenix Spectre Pro 120mm 1200RPM fans which I plan on using. The intake will be from the front (I'll remove the top HDD mounts for better airflow) and the exhaust will be from the back.

Will that be enough considering I will NOT be overclocking anything? Will the tiny vents on the front sides pull in enough air? Also how well do the dust filters work?

My other specs, if it helps:
i5-4430 with the stock cooler
1TB WD Green
120GB Samsung 840 EVO
8GB Kingston RAM
Seasonic S12II-520 520W
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    The dust filters work well, as long as you clean them regularly. The front fan will draw better with the door open, but not radically so. For your setup, two 140s should work just fine, even with the front door closed. (You'll want the front 140 in the top position, but I expect that's where you were planning to put it anyway.)
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