Help me choose a chipset!

Hi! I'm trying to build a PC with a low-ish budget and I picked an Intel i5-4460 CPU (specifics below).

Now, I see that this CPU has 3 compatible chipsets: Intel H81, Intel H87, Intel Z87. Unfortunately I'm a total noobtard and I don't really know the differences among the three: the Intel website lists the Z87 one as "more performing" but the only difference I noticed comparing their specifics (which I got from Wikipedia =P) is the number of USB 3 ports.
Which one of these would be the best for gaming?

Also, do I have to worry about compatibility when picking a graphic card? I have an old one I used on an AMD mobo and I don't really want to get a new one =P thanks in advance!
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  1. H87 would be your best bet, you could get a Z87 but since you can't overclock that processor there is no point in spending more for a Z87 board
  2. Since the CPU you have chosen won't overclock, I would recommend the H97 which is slightly newer then H87. Most will have all the same features as Z87/Z97. H81, and B85 boards are budget oriented for mass production really.

    As long as your graphics card is PCI Express it should work.
  3. Thank you guys!
    Eximo, are you sure that H97 is a viable choice? Again, I'm a total noob, but it's not in the compatible chipsets listed on the website I'm referring to...
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    All the LGA1150 processors are more or less cross compatible. Lower end motherboards often have lower maximum ram speeds, but that is about it. releases the spec sheet at product launch, they are rarely updated. H97 supports the latest "Devil's Canyon" release of Haswell Processors and will support the upcoming Broadwell processors. (Then nothing, as the next consumer chipset will likely have DDR4 memory)

    If I am not mistaken, based on the release date, the i5-4460 is a re-release Devil's Canyon Haswell chip, H97 would be a good option to make sure that it works, Some H87 boards that have been sitting on the shelf for a while might not boot with a late release chip.
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