SSD write speeds very slow

Motherboard - AsRock FM2A75 pro

SSD - OCZ Agility 2 and SanDisk SDSSDH

Okay, I've bench-marked two SSD's on the same system the OCZ Agility 2 and now the SanDisk SDSSDH - both of which give me the same problem. I've checked that they are connected to the right ports using the right cables and they are. I've made sure I have AHCI enabled in the bios. Basically I've tried everything I possible could.

My current sequencial benchmarks are 224 MB/s read and 54 MB/s write. These scores have stayed pretty much the same even even with two different drives.

Please help I know I'm doing something wrong just needing some more help here.
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  1. What motherboard are you plugging them into? And if your board has more then one controller, which one?
  2. My current motherboard is: AsRock FM2A75 pro. I don't know, really.
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    Well it claims to have a 5-port SATA III Controller, not really very specific.

    OCZ Agility 2 is a SATA II drive, so it won't be able to go terribly fast. 200MB/s is pretty much full speed for SATA II.
    Your write speed is actually a little higher then what the drive benchmarked for at least on the reviews I found.

    Sandisk SDSSDH is also a Sata II drive, though it should be able to pull close to 200MB/s write speeds. You do have to supply it with enough data to saturate the drive. Something only very large file transfers or benchmarking can reveal.

    If you want more speed, you will need faster SSDs. Something like the Samsung Evo 120GB for about $80 is one of the better deals out there. To get peak speeds you will have to look at more expensive drives that deliver around 550MB/s read/write, saturating SATA III.

    New standard is out called SATA Express that can achieve higher speeds. Not on too many motherboards yet.
  4. Ah, thanks very much. I think the best option now is to get more expensive drives then.
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