Desktop speakers that fit between two 24" monitors

I'm setting up a new system that will run dual 24" Dell E2414H monitors. I'm looking for a good pair of desktop speakers that will fit between the monitors, meaning that the left speaker will sit next to the left monitor and the right speaker will sit to the right of the right monitor.

Most of the desktop speakers I've found the cable that connects the two speakers together are too short to make this distance and you end up having to put the speakers behind the monitors.

I'm looking for preferably a 2.1 system, but I'm open to 2.0 (if they sound good) or even 5.1 if it doesn't break the bank. I'd like to keep it below $120 and still have decent sound for music and gaming. (I know I'm asking for the impossible!)

Does anyone have any suggestions on speakers that should fit the bill?

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  1. Why not get some tall thin speakers and put them on their sides in front of/below the monitors?
  2. Derza10 said:

    Yeah that's not a bad price at all. How is the sound quality?
  3. WB4CS said:
    Derza10 said:

    Yeah that's not a bad price at all. How is the sound quality?

    I like mine... They sound good and have lasted almost 2 years with no issues at all.
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions!

    I ended up using an old bookshelf stereo/CD player that I forgot I had (found it while cleaning out the garage.) It has an AUX input, and the speakers are pretty decent on it.
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