I have 4 sticks of ram. Two of them like to run @ 1600 while the other two prefer 1333?

i have 4x2 gb of g.skill trident 1600 mhz ram. When i originally installed the ram a while back it defaulted to 1333 which was expected. So with the original 4gb i set them to run at 1600mhz. I recently installed the other two sticks of 4gb ram and no matter what i do, they will not run at 1600mhz. my motherboard is an MSI 970a-g46. I didn't have to manually set the timings to make the original two run @ 1600mhz, i simply had to click a button on the motherboards interactive overclocking interface. I'm not against setting them manually to make it happen, in just have little experience. My motherboard should have no issue running 8gb at 1600mhz. Also i have an amd fx 6350 (3.9ghz). Any suggestions?
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    The profiles found in the SPD of the sticks are for that packaged set (2 sticks) soulds like you have two packages, so will need manual set up, try setting the 4 sticks manually up to 1600 with stock timings, then go to the DRAM voltage and set it up + 0.05 over spec, also find the CPU/NB voltage and take that to 1.18, then try it
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