Nzxt 630 phantom

So my last post was about 810 vs 630 and i think the 630 will be a better choice but i still have some questions,so i see there are nzxt fans but can i fit others like cooler master? Also on top can i have 3x fans? I saw that i can mount 2x ssd at the back of the mobo which is great! But it look like they're gonna over heat(i don't know much of ssd's) is this true? And how will that case is gonna work with example 3x msi 770 in sli? Also is the 810 bigger? And will my atx acer mobo fit in there? Will it overheat with 2x or 3x 770s? At 35-40c temps outside? And how many fans the case support?
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  1. Oh yeah,how many ssd's and hdd's can i fit in the 630?
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