USB 3.0 3.5" Drive Enclosure Recommendations

Hi all. First post here at Toms in a really long time. Been super busy with classes and work!

The title pretty much says it all. My computer went out on me again so I am looking to externally enclose two 3TB WD Green Drives for a Plex server on my laptop. Each drive is holding TB's worth of HD TV and movies (full Blu-ray rips done with MakeMKV) and I am constantly adding to the collection. I can't quite decide on any of them - one will look really good and then I run into a batch of bad reviews or it will be out of stock when I go to purchase it. I would prefer to spend under 40$ each (I need to budget a quality USB 3.0 hub) or under $100 for a good multiple bay enclosure. If its a multiple bay I would prefer more than two bays just because I most likely will be adding a third drive at some point. I am open to all and any suggestions.

So my requirements:
1. 3.5" Drive Support
2. USB 3.0
3. $40 for each or $100 for a multiple bay
4. Be available at Amazon, Newegg, or Best Buy

Thanks! :bounce:
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  2. I picked up the black version on Amazon. It should be here Friday with Prime shipping. I will update when I have time to play around with it! Thanks!
  3. trekzone said:

    So far it seems to be great. It's a bit slow (getting an average of around 75MB/s transfer speed over USB 3.0 on several devices), but not a big deal. I have transferred close to 15TB back and forth on the device and it seems to be incredibly stable. Thanks!
  4. Glad to hear you've made a good choice. Good Luck and enjoy !
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