NOT SOLVED***!! Another "What Graphics Card should i get?", thread Under $300


I have a two year old system and planned on upgrading my graphic card.
Still not sure if i want a dual card setup totaling 300 or one 4 output card under 300 and dual at a later time. I do some gaming(above average but not extreme), minor video and photo editing. I tend to lean towards nvidia but open to amd as well.

Here's my current setup:

Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard lga1155
128gb ssd hd (c drive)
2- 2tb hdd
i7-3770k Cpu @ 3.50ghz
corsair vengeance 16GB ddr3 sdram
graphics card evga geforce gtx560 1024mb gddr5
corsair obsidian 650d mid tower atx
PSU:corsair pro gold 850 watt

I plan on setting up my 40 in led tv (wall mounted) and three hd ips 23in monitors w/ vga and dvi inputs only. Any help is appreciated Thanks!!
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  1. I would recommend 2 SLI GTX 660 for this kind of setup : price will vary from 150 to 160$ per cards
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  3. Ooops not a solution yet more options please.
  4. stotng said:
    Ooops not a solution yet more options please.

    You can unselect the best answer, but honestly I don't you'll come across anything better than that one I suggested, it's a great deal and the price won't stay like that forever :)
  5. I would honestly say in my opinion it would have to be two 'EVGA GTX 760' cards in SLI. I might even do that when my Mobo breaks down, it's not very good right now.


    Is that even in your budget range? If so it would go great with your setup for any type of game, NVIDIA integrated or not.
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