Missing cpu cover, dont know if should install or not

So i have a motherboard that was given to me by a family member, The motherboard was missing a cpu cover, it's the thing where you lock down the cpu when you insert it. and the lever was missing too, should i still install it or not? it's a 78lmt-S2 motherboard.
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  1. I might not get it completely, but it's a Gigabyte-brand AMD board right? If so, there is no CPU cover. It's a PGA (Pin Grid Array) socket, so the pins are on the CPU. Nothing to break on the board. You could also be talking about something to cover the CPU in the socket? Usually nothing is bracing the CPU in the socket other than the heat sink you mount on top of it. As far as I can see, it's good to go if it weren't for the missing lever. Can you lock up the socket somehow? Is there any other visible damage or looseness to the socket mount?
  2. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:AMD_AM3_CPU_Socket-top_open_PNr%C2%B00298.jpg Im missing that white part. i dont know what it's called but other then that I dont have anything else to lock the cpu down, I was thinking of just mounting the cpu in and the cpu cooler/fan will lock it in i guess. Cause Im buying a AMD fx 4300,
  3. Thats an AM3 socket, not the AM3+ that the FX 4300 uses. It won't necessarily be white. But if the locking lever is missing the thing isn't going to work properly IMO as the connection between the pins and the socket won't be reliable.

    So, what motherboard is it? That sort of detail tends to be important with questions like this. Or perhaps you could post a picture of the socket on your motherboard.

    Edit: Sorry, I've just noriced that you did post the motherboard model in your OP. It's an AM3+ board but you posted a picture of an AM3 one. It may well be black rather than white. There is no "cover", the lever just locks the pins in place. Are you absolutely sure the lever is missing?
  4. http://imgur.com/uHvFlmW that is my motherboard right now, I was wondering if I could still install the cpu on it? I got the lever but the black socket part is gone idk how
  5. The pictures a bit dark, but I think you are correct; the socket is broken. It looks like someone must have pulled the CPU off without unlocking it and the socket came with it. The person who gave it to you may be able to tell you what happened.

    You can't use it like that. It may be possible to repair if you could find the replacement part. It's also possible that a shop could repair it for you, but it might cost more than the board is worth.
  6. So should i go buy a new one instead then?
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