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Ok, i can either buy an i5-4670k + Samsung 840 evo 120gb ssd or alone i7-4770k. I will do mainly gaming BUT produce a 10-15 minute video every week or two. So what do you recommend for example there is a video and there is i5 and i7 so by how much will the rendering time decrease if i use i7? And if i sacrifice the ssd, will i really regret buying the ssd with the i5? Ssd is samsung 840 evo 120GB. Also i will be overclocking both the processors so if i overclock the i5 will i be satisfied with the rendering times? I mean will it be equal to that of i7 at no OC?
Concluding, I just want to know which one is a good choice. I7 without ssd or i5 with ssd?
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    If you only render occasionally, I'd go for the i5. It depends largely on the codec you use, but the i7 might shave off a fourth or a third of the render time.
    There's no big difference in gaming performance.
    I really recommend getting an SSD for your OS. It speeds everything up so much!
  2. You posted the same question about an hour ago. Please do not post same question twice, be patient!
  3. Im sorry philip i know i postedt his second time that was because i needed immediate answer and i didnt get one and the previous question was shifted to the next page so i thought no one would see it. Btw thanks for ur answer both of you!
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