Which mini itx motherboard to get?

Which low cost mini itx motherboard would you recommend for stability?
I have a msi h81i which has problems with memory management :S - windows crashes

Has to be socket 1150.

Running a i3 4150
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  1. gryphon?
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    I build a miniITX system with Asus H81I-Plus, I3 4130, 8GB Corsair 1333 Mhz value RAM and all inside a LianLI Q27 as a gift for Christmas. Still running without a hiccup. I would recommend the H81I-Plus for any PentiumG/I3/I5 miniITX build.
  3. This itx board got a stellar review from Guru3d and they were even comparing it with high end atx motherboards.,21.html

    I guess you may want to stay away from MSI now since you had problems with your first board, but this board is one of the very best at the itx form factor.
  4. No need to go with Z boards when he is on I3 4150. It is money wasted. I3s don't overclock, and inside an miniITX case, you can't fit 5 drives and several optical drives and whatever-else-there-is so all those features are left unused.
  5. Thanks for your reply, i Think i Will go with the asus h81i-plus motherboard, seems fine for my needs
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