Help setting up direction audio (surround sound) for battlefid 4

Ok I have xonar asus dgx sound card with sennheiser hd 558 headphones. In windows I disable all on board audio and configures for 24 bit 48k with 7.1 surround sound. Tested and all speakers do make noise but can't tell direction if eyes are closed. On xonar I have it on 8 channels, 48k, 32-64 ohms pro gaming , dolby and 7.1 selected and I moved the speakers out a little further. Eq is in default. My problem is I don't feel I noticed directional awareness. People still sneak up on me and I hear foot steps just can't tell where there coming from. The sound is better than my on board but can't tell position. Also bf4 set at home cinema and surround tried other ones but noticed no difference. What settings do you have and or can you help me thank you
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  1. You need to set up the virtual surround software your sound card has in order to get positional audio
  2. I thought by putting it to 8 channell with day and 7.1 shifter enabled that is how it would be enabled. If I'm wrong please tell me how
  3. Your sound card has a software called dolby headphone technology you will find it in your card's driver. Enable it and fine tune it to cater your needs and you're set.Also disable enhanced stereo mode in bf4 audio settings as it's a substitute for surround mix
  4. Wouldn't clicking dolby enable it if so that's what I have done allready. As for battlefield 4 you say disable enhanced stereo. What do you set it for I have it on home cinema and surround
  5. I been reading that this sound card doesn't do true 5.1 dolby digital live. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I'm frustrated that a pair of hd 558 sennheiser can't give me decent directional auto.
  6. True 5.1 surround headsets are ,surprisingly, inferior to virtual regarding positional audio.
    Dolby digital has nothing to do with Dolby HEADPHONE.
    Tick dolby headphone mode, disable any other effects,enhanced stereo mode ,set your headphones to 5.1 and your speaker system in bf3 to whatever you like as it's just an equalizer preset.
  7. Thank you. I'll try that. Yeh I heard how great these hd 558 were. That you could hear footsteps and where there coming from but you really can't. Don't get me wrong I hear footsteps but hard to say or tell where there from to get postiinal audio what headphone or headset do you recommend I have the steel series siberia v2 3.5mm edition which I tried on the sound card but just sounded muffled. Any suggestions? Logitech g35, g930, Plantronics 780, etc
  8. What was your experience after enabling dolby headphone mode?
    Don't rush on getting a new pair of headphones just yet , I even managed to get positional audio on a crappy lifechat lx 3000 with some software. Fine tune your headset and you're good to go.
  9. I ticked dolby and chooses d-2 it seems to have some surround but it's hard to tell positioning. I tried a few test and I get noise through both sides. Maybe it's just battlefield 4 I'm gonna try bf3 I hear that you could hear footsteps better. When you say enable dolby headphone you mean tick the dolby headphone in xonar audio center?
  10. Seems like everything I try is the same. Some changes make the noise sound better but no changes no matter I do for surround sound. I even uninstalled and downloaded uni asus drivers again. If you have xonar sound card could you send a pic to of how you set yours up if possible. Edit I also disabled all other sound in windows by right clicking and going to playback and disabling anything not asus xonar dgx.
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    Every surround sound will be processed by dolby headphone mode. Tick it on the the xonar audio center like this then tell us your experience. If you are still, not satisfied with the dolby surround solution disable it then try Razer surround

    Note: Razer surround works with setting your headphones to 7.1 setup
  12. Thanks. I'm gonna try it for a day or so. And if still not happy I'll try razer surround. I'll report back
  13. I see in your picture you have 2 channel selected with dolby. Is that how you use it. Also if so if set at 2 channels than windows can't be set at 5.1 or 7.1 so where do you set it in windows if you do it that way
  14. Switch between 2 and 5.1 depending on your liking. Just to be sure, change the speaker setup both in windows and the driver.
    I presume you already know how but if that's not the case it's like this
    (If those are available)
  15. So I messed around and found moving the surround sound speakers closer in the shifter helped and I disabled in device manager in game sound. Only left nvida wave so I can record sound. Seems to be working. Still not perfect but very good. I think audio tech 700 maybe better but the hd 558 are good enough. I may still try razer surround and report back
  16. Thanks for the advice. Messed around with a few things now it works great. Bf4 isn't the best for footsteps when there are made a and bombs going off. But I noticed in a no explosive server I hear every for step
  17. Happy fragging :)
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