my hd is being detected by my laptop but i can't open the files

. its saying that for opening the file the hd has to be formatted. . i hav many important documents in my hd. i can't affort to lose them. please help me out. how do i fix my hd without formatting it??
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  1. You must get your lappy thoroughly scanned by a good antivirus, I am certain you have trojan. Or else take the HDD to a good vendor and get it checked for defects.
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    Your laptop might be having a virus infestation buddy. I would suggest getting an antivirus, installing one, update and then fully clean your operating system together with your files. The problem with antivirus softwares is that they don't repair the operating system once it has been damaged by viruses. I would suggest if you are able to retreive your files, perform a backup and reinstall your operating system. Remember to have your antivirus back on before restoring or accessing your backed up data.

    Another way is to boot using tools like HirenbootCD/UltimateBoot CD so as to be able to access your hard drive while your operating system is in offline mode and try to retrieve your data. Use this option only if you need to perform a backup and then a clean re-installation of your windows.
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