CPU high temperature issue.

Hi Tom and friends. I am here to ask for help, really in a bad situation.
situation: few days back I got new sapphire R7 250 1gb ddr5 and immediately installed into my pc with a cheap psu. But my com keeps failing(sudden off), so got solution from this website and after few dats gap got a new corsair vs 450 watt psu. Had been using pc in between for work, not for gaming.
But again my pc kept on turning sudden off. I checked my cpu temp it ranges bw 80-100C. Is my cpu or mobo blown?
As checked graphic card and psu on other comp and they working fine.
My config: amd phenom2 X2 550, asus m2n68am plus, corsair 450w, r7 250, 4gb ddr2.
Pls suggest what can I do now, really need help. Totally wasted myself:(
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  1. That is very high especially for not gaming. Did you build this yourself? Is the fan seated properly on the CPU what kind of CPU cooler are you using? do you have this Overclocked?

    Does your case have decent air flow?
  2. make sure you have thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink, also make sure that the heatsink base is screwed properly against the board, and the heatsink is correctly fitted against the CPU to its bracket and make sure that the fan is working properly
  3. I reassembled pc 2 times, not overclocked and with stock heat sink. Case has good airflow its "iball gamer cabinet".
    Heatsink is properly fit.
    Confession: I removed thermal paste, thinking it as dirt (sorry).
    But still earlier to that temp was high
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    You can easily burn your cpu without thermal paste. Clean top of CPU and bottom of Heatsink fan with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol Re apply thermal paste direclty on the top of the CPU about the size of a grain of rice really. Re seat Fan properly watch your temps fall. HOWEVER It is HIGHLY advised to go get yourself a better CPU coolers as those stock fans are HORRID. most people recomend ay hyper evo 212

    Basically without the thermal paste its like your cooler not working at all. AMD's are thermal nightmares to begin with.
  5. When you "cleaned" off the thermal paste, what did you use? Those temps are extremely high. You need to reinstall your heat sink with proper thermal paste.
  6. Cleaned it with hand and some cloth.
    rdizz81 will definitely do what u said. But out of curiosity can this happen-the few days I used pc for work with cheap psu and sudden deaths can lead to this CPU malfunction. I had this pc for more than 3 yrs with 0 issues.
  7. No no no no... NEVER get rid of thermal paste. Bad paste is better then none. That's most likely your problem there, as most CPU's can overheat i a matter of seconds like that...
  8. sukhija said:
    Cleaned it with hand and some cloth.
    rdizz81 will definitely do what u said. But out of curiosity can this happen-the few days I used pc for work with cheap psu and sudden deaths can lead to this CPU malfunction. I had this pc for more than 3 yrs with 0 issues.

    Computers can shut down on its own upon overheating. I personally think the thermal paste and the fan are the causes of your problems. Get the temps under control first!

    It is possible to have caused damage running it at those temps for 3 years.
  9. Yeah, it could also be a final breath of death from your CPU, it may have been good but all the heat led up to it's death... :-( Or it could be something not so drastic... lol like bad thermal paste.
  10. Hi, as discussed I applied fresh thermal paste (video help from YouTube). Now the CPU temp is below 85c, pc is running fine, played few games, till now no failures. Just concerned is 80+ fine?
  11. Still not cool enough. Something else is wrong. First pick yourself up a nice cooler. 2nd DL a program called coretemp. this may give you more accurate readings.

    Do you have any case fans? what is the ambient temp. Honestly i would be worried on anything over 70 on MAX load. Normal load shouldnt really get past mid 50's 55c

    the fan is running on the heatsink correct? all case fans spinning? Alot of people recommend Coolermaster Hyper Evo just make sure it works with AM3
  12. Ok will use nd tell you the prog's result. The app I m using is "cpu hardware monitor". Yes 1 case fan sucking air inside. Also will try to get new cooler.
  13. Do you have a fan in the rear sucking hot air out, acting like an exhaust fan?
  14. The case fan is at rear, its sucking outside air in.
  15. Couple things i would do if your case allows. When you are out grabbing that CPU cooler grab some good thermal paste to go with it. Artic silver gets good reviews (normally like $3) i would also check your case see if it has a spot for a front fan. have the front fan pull cool air in and the rear fan suck hot air out also pulling hot air away from the CPU's fan. creating a flow of cool air coming in the front and hot air leaving the rear.

    Grab another case fan and stick that in the front they are pretty cheap as well. and the hyper 212 you can find for roughly 29$ just make sure you get the model for your socket CPU. they do require some installation it is possible you may have to remove motherboard to install it unless your case allows you to remove the other side panel and there is a open space under the CPU then its a breeze to install.
  16. Fine will do that. Thanks alot for your speedy help, atleast I can be sure my CPU is not dead yet. Will do the aerodynamic thing.
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