Low write speed on WD Black 1TB

Hi there,

So I'm trying to record gameplay using Dxtory, 1080p 30fps to be precise. But when I use the built in benchmark to see what write speed I can get from my WD black 1TB, It's showing a max of 85MB.

Now my friend with the same hdd is getting around 140 on his benchmark which obviously results in better video.

Any idea why my write speed is that low?

P.S does the amount of free space on a hdd effect the write speed? as there is 200gb free.
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    The amount of free space left has a huge impact on write/read speed. Since the platter is circular when the head moves closer to the inside of the drive one rotation covers significantly less area then if the head was on the outside of the drive. How full is your friends drive, also depending on what is accessing the drive the performance will be less (ie if it is doing an anti virus scan or something).
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