Can my 2 rams go bad together or is it motherboard

Hello guys,
I have a asus p5kc motherboard and 2 4gb Kingston hyperx 1600 mhz rams 3 days ago my pc started to give blue screen errors as memory managements and other errors about ram problem and when i used windows diagnostic tool it said my hardware has problems i didnt do a full memtest like an hour i did just half an hour tests with both ram and no errors but today when i tested my rams one by one one of them didnt even give vision to the screen so i said this is the bad ram but when i use the other ram it booted however crashes continues application crashes and blue screens continues did my rams died or motherboard issues ??
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  1. Use memtest86. fot at least 8 passes for each memory module in at least two different slots. And then post the results if there is any errors. A half an hour pass, which I guess is not even a full pass, is no good.
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    Sounds more like your motherboard than your RAM. Either way, it's going to be hard to pinpoint the exact cause. If yuo have a buddy, you can run Memtest in hsi system on your RAM.. about the only solution I can think of.
  3. I am memtesting my good ram now but i cant test the other becsuse i cant get any vision with it

    Edit: mamtest result for 1 hour
    so long the test result is

  4. Memtest gives 0 error but pc crashes after the boot sometimes just froze sometimes gives blue screen that gives ram errors but again no errors at memtest (2 full cycle pass) what can i do
  5. Could be that the hard drive (or the files on it) has errors. You may want to see if there is a stand-alone Utility you can run that can check NTFS drives for file integrity and bad sectors.
  6. I did chkdsk earlier today isnt it enough ? And by the way i have another hss connected but i chkdsked the main drive only could the second hdd cause error. But i must say i get these errors before too before the second hdd and when i remove and reconnect the rams it resolved before, this time reconnecting didnt work thats the reason i didnt think about hdd
  7. the way I thought about that was - he can run MEMTEST, so the board can boot from a DVD, run reliably and report no errors, but when he tries to boot from the HDD, he gets an error... :)
  8. Wow how couldnt i think that thank you tomorrow i'll disconnect my main hdd and install windows to other hdd maybe i'll try to boot ubuntu from cd to see if it can work well too before windows installation i actually hope it is a hdd error because i have spare hdd :) thank you

    edit: i remembered this is it possible that the other rams problem might be hdd related ? Because i cant get any vision with my other 4gb ram ?
  9. sort out one problem at a time. It may well be that "something" happened and one stick of RAM is also Damaged.

    Get one of the Llinux versions that boot from CD - Mint, or Zorin see if that works on the one stick we're thinking is good.

    ALso there is a utilities disk called "Hirens Boot CD" that has lots of tools to analyze and repair b0rked PCs.

    For this you may want to use HDAT or VivaRD from the CD

    Or use MiniXP with CMD.

    HDAT will do an NTFS check, amongst tons of other Read/Write tests/repairs. It also has a good SMART Attribute DATA viewer.
  10. So I did a hdd error scan with hd tune 2.55 from Hirens bootCD ( I couldnt find HDAT or VivaRD) and the result was perfect it didnt have any error here is the screenshot:

    so i am going to format c and clean install windows than hope it will work fine :)
    If the system errors will be over than we can say it was a ram error i guess.
    By the way i must ask this could it be power supply error because i had 2 hdds and 2 graphics card (radeon hd 6850 and nvidia 7700 gtx for dual monitoring) and a 700 watt power supply
  11. I don't know that a PSU issue would appear in the manner you describe, but check the specifications of your graphics cards for power draw. Check to see if you find reviews of your PSU that indicate if it is a good make that can deliver the rated wattage. I've read of some low-end PSUs that can barely deliver 50% of what they are rated as.

    Did you get any utility to review the S.M.A .R.T data from the hard drives?
  12. Here is the S.M.A.R.T review:

    ID Name Value Worst Tresh Raw Health
    1 Raw read error rate 100 100 51 0 •••••
    3 Spin-up time 100 100 25 4544 •••••
    4 Number of spin-up times 91 91 0 10077 ••••
    5 Reallocated sector count 253 253 10 0 •••••
    7 Seek error rate 253 253 51 0 •••••
    8 Seek time perfomance 253 253 15 0 •••••
    9 Power-on time 100 100 0 17351 •••••
    10 Spin-up retries 253 253 51 0 •••••
    11 Recalibration retries 253 253 0 0 •••••
    12 Start/stop count 95 95 0 5248 ••••
    187 Reported UNC error 1 1 0 4149797 •
    190 Airflow temperature 142 112 0 32°C/89°F ••••
    194 HDA Temperature 142 112 0 32°C/89°F ••••
    195 Hardware ECC recovered 100 100 0 1188150 •••••
    196 Reallocated event count 253 253 0 0 •••••
    197 Current pending sectors 253 100 0 0 •••••
    198 Offline scan UNC sectors 253 253 0 0 •••••
    199 Ultra DMA CRC errors 200 200 0 0 •••••
    200 Write error rate 100 100 0 0 •••••
    201 Off-track errors count 253 100 0 0 •••••
    202 DAM errors count 253 253 0 0 •••••

    as you can see i used victoria from hirens bootcd
  13. That drive is not good anymore. Don't use it.
  14. Oh man. S.M.A.R.T monitor says it is good what is wrong with my HDD ?
  15. The installed drive you posted a picture of is Samsung. Go here.

    Look on the page, the SP2504C is listed and a link to a utility to check drive health. Use that to get a definitive answer.
  16. It was mobo error mobos ddr3 slots were not functioning right
  17. Phew... good job finding that. :)
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