Is GTX 780 worth it for a 19'' monitor with 1440x900 resolution ?

Or Should i buy GTX 770 4GB for this monitor ?
Will i get more FPS with GTX 780 with this monitor or will it be more future proof ?
Is buying a new monitor with 1920x1080 resolution worth it or there aren't much differences ?

I can afford both cards but which one is enough ?
Sorry because i'm annoying..
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  1. No. GTX 780 will delay your need to upgrade by about a year compared 770 4 GB. You will need a better monitor for either as gtx 660 will max everything at 1440px900.
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    If you're going to upgrade your monitor, I'd recommend a 144Hz panel as well as a GTX 780.
    You don't NEED a new monitor though, but if you're going to keep it you won't need anything more than a 770 or even 760. The 780 is a lot more future proof though. I say go for the 780 since you can afford it, it'll last for years, and if you upgrade your monitor in the future it'll still work perfectly and be able to max out any game. :D
  3. no a gtx 780 and 770 are far too powerful for that tiny monitor.

    Your best option is to get a 1080P monitor (yes it's worth it) and buy a Geforce GTX 760 or r9 280X. You will have a lot better gaming experience this way.
  4. 770 4gb vs 780 3gb heavily favors the 780 in my opinion. Assuming similar price points. That said, you would need a higher resolution monitor to really put all the graphical horsepower to work. At a minimum a 60hz 1080p is worthwhile and can be had for a shade over $100. My recommendation would be to consider either a 144hz 1080p monitor (ASUS, BENQ and AOC all have respectable models here) or a 1440p monitor (you can look at the tempest or the upcoming ASUS ROG for 120hz 1440p awesomeness!).

    If you absolutely will not be upgrading the monitor, than a 760 would be more than enough at 900p.

    Also- you don't need to apologize for "being annoying". You are asking a question on a forum that only exists for answering questions. :)
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