Do i need a wireless adapter?

Does the ASrock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard connect to internet wirelessly or do i need to buy a wireless adapter to connect to my modem?
i have a sky modem is thats any help:)
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    You need a wireless adapter. It can be a USB adapter or a PCIE wifi adapter.
    Also when choosing your wifi adapter make sure it support your Windows. There are some products where Window 8 is not supported if you are using Window 8.
  2. The motherboard doesn't have it built in spo you will need a wifi adapter
  3. If you can not use a wired ethernet cable then yes you need a wireless adapter.

    In order of best to worst performance
    1) Wired ethernet lan cable
    2) powerline or moca network adapter
    3) pci-e wifi card
    4) usb wifi dongle
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