Deleted and fully formated HDD.. SSD windows 7 will not boot.

I had a HDD and a SSD both with windows 7 on it. I decided to delete the HDD and now the SSD never boots.. is there a way to force the boot info into the SSD? I have multiple computers at my disposal to use.
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  1. I suspect you have deleted the system partition that was probably sitting on the HDD (assuming this was the first drive that win7 was installed on). might help.
  2. Did you setup the ssd drive as the first boot drive in your motherboard bios.

    If you installed windows 7 correctly to the SSD then you should just need to change your boot hard drive and be good to go. Check your motherboard manual if you are not sure how to do that.
  3. I'm 99% convinced it's the 100MB system drive issue, win7 just uses whichever one is already there and adds the dual boot data (if any) to that, so you can easily have the boot partition for the c: residing on the d:, which when you get rid of the disk that d: is physically on C: won't boot.
  4. You could try a startup repair using the OS DVD. Here is a couple of links you might want to look at:
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    I have fixed the problem. You basically have to use bootrec and the system repair options. Took a while to get windows to recognize it has a window 7 partition though.
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