EVGA GTX 780ti SC vs EVGA GTX 780ti SC ACX

I know the ACX is cooling better and is more quiet but I don't really care about how loud it is because of headphones and I really like the look of the refrence card (Going to have windowed side panel with dem LEDs and stuffs) And I am not planning on overclocking either but is it any performance difference??
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  1. Reference card runs hotter than the ACX, also pay in mind that both are Superclocked so they come factory overclocked = more heat.
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    no there wouldnt be any performance difference. But ofc. there are the downsides you mentioned :)

    - The clock speeds wont really mean a lot. It is very few Fps. (You wont notice)
  3. Some people would say the reference cooler is better than the ACX, so yeah...
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