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Hi Toms Hardware! I recently built a rig that had 2x4gb of ripjaws gskill memory 1600mhz installed running dual channel. I decided to upgrade to 16gb of memory because i do alot of photoshop and video editing. For the upgrade i went with 2x 4gb corsair vengence 1600mhz memory. It took me a while to figure out why it was running at 1333mhz lol but i finally was able to activate the DDR3-1600MHZ DRAM O.C. profile and now everythings good.

My question is I cant figure out if ive got the channels setup correctly. My board is running in dual channel mode (obviously because i have 4 sticks installed) but i currently have the 2 ripjaws in A1 and A2 and the two corsairs in B1 and B2, is this the correct setup? I have assumed that A is one channel and B is the other and I know that you want the matching sticks on the same channel.

I know its not optimal but i work at best buy and i get a huge discount on the vengence ram.

AMD FX8350
asus m5a97r2.0 with latest bios flash
The ram i mentioned
powercolor r7 260x
rosewill 600w ps
corsair h60i water cooler (because the stock fan that comes with the amd fx sounded like a jet engine)
250gb samsung ssd
2x 1tb barracuda hdd's (raid0)
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Thanks Again everyone! Cheers!
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  1. Actually the channels are A1/B1 and A2/B2, but if it's working well, I wouldn't mess with it. Mixing sticks doesn't always go that easy.
  2. You know what your right. So in that case im guessing ive got ripjaws 1 in A1 and ripjaws 2 in B1 and corsair 1 in A2 and corsair 2 in B2.....the physical configuration from top to bottom starting closest to my cpu socket is, rip1,rip2,cors1,cors2. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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    A1 is closest to the CPU socket, thenA2, B1, B2. As I said, if it's working, I'd leave it alone.
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