amd 9590 enabling performance mode issue

Hi here is my current system
Asus m5a99fx pro 2.0
Amd 9590 + h100i cooler
Evga gtx 770 4gb
16gb ram
Windows 7 64
psu 750w
1920x1080 display
items connected to tower
Wired xbox controller
Wireless xbox receiver and controller
Wireless keyboard mouse
O/s on ssd
Games on hdd (saving for large ssd for games)

I have had pc for a few months now so had a look in asus ez bios and see there are 3 options. . Power saver. Normal. Performance. Pc has always been on normal at 4.7ghz but I have been trying to put it into performance mode but keep getting bsod saying service exception ? The pc works at most about 20 mins at 5.1-2ghz according to cpuid. I really don't know about over clocking or if I am missing something or what? Any help to get pc to run in performance mode would be great as the extra bit of power would be handy for sims i play.

Ps I made sure windows power setting was also on performance in case that was issue.

General temps under load ie xplane 10/benchmark programs.
Cpu 47-50c @ 90% activity
Gpu 57c max
Motherboard roughly 34c

Hard drives and ssd on a real hot day like 30c outdoors = 29-34c on hard drives inside tower.

Drivers been checked via websites and all appear current and upto date so the download software says like asus suite.

hope that is enough info
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  1. make and model of the psu?
  2. I would even try that Morgon cpu already drawing alot of power and putting out alot heat. Plus it most likely pushing it beyond what your componets can handle trying it keep it self safe. Just be happy when your system stable and fast.
  3. Power supply is - pentium p4 pc 750auba-b
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