Which is the best to buy?

which are better to run any games 2014 high settings- med
tera bf4 dayz arma 3 TESO
also if u can buuild me a pc budget under 630usd
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  1. Try to get the beat bits of all these.

    -XFX PSU
    -r9 270 GPU
    -i5 4460
    -h97 motherboard

    Your i5 4460 build won't work as the system won;t even boot up with that CPU installed without a BIOS update.
    The Coolermaster PSU is trash. Stay away
    No sound or LAN card are needed.
  2. im newb... idk wat u just typed... also can u pick a good 19inch monitor for me thats well with a build..

    Just go with that one. It is a very good build for the money and will run games well.

    You won;t get a 19" 1080p monitor, You are looking at 21 inches. This is about as cheap as you will get for a 1080p monitor.
  4. thanks! btw will it be able to run all the games i typed med-high settings? no drops no lag

    and is all the sites for pricemerchant legit?
  5. DayZ and Arma 3 are TERRIBLY coded and might only run at medium, but all other decently coded games will easily run at mostly high settings.

    All the sited listed in my build are legit.
  6. ty but how experience are you knowing that ur build is best than my builds?

    also will it boot up? like no need for bios updates.. or any error when i build this, (gna be my first build=])

    btw can u put in a windows 7 x64bit in that list.. the lowest $ u can find=]?
  7. No BIOS updates needed.

    I am VERY experienced. I have personally build 50+ computers and designed builds for over 1000+ people.

    Get windows 8.1 not 7. It is better in every way. It will cost like $90.
  8. alright thanks! btw do i need a thermal paste for motherboard? or i can just let it sit... btw will this build have sounds xD like no need for speakers or i need speakers too...

    also i be hearing that windows 8 cant run alot of games.... soo why shuld i get windows 8 than stay with win7?
  9. The cooler comes with thermal paste. If you aren't going to overclock the cPU, drop the cooler. The CPU comes with one that is fine for no overclocking. It also comes with paste.

    You need speakers. Motherboard's don't have speakers built in. You need to by some speakers.
  10. yea im not a good pc guy, i wont plan on overclocking this.... but without overclocking can i still run all games well?

    also just to be sure.. heres the updated
  11. Best answer
    Build looks good. I would get win8.1 though. MUCH better, even for games.
  12. btw do u recommend a asu mother board or msi? i been looking up tutorials on building pc and most of them are msi mother boards...
  13. Any company is good. Get the board in the build. It is a good one. MSI doesn't make good AMD boards at all.
  14. ty! last question, got any good video tutorial on how to put all parts together?
  15. ty for help! let you know how this turns out when i finally build it:D
  16. Awesome. Shoot me a PM when it is all done!
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