What processor should I get for gaming and video rendering at 1080P?

For my birthday I am either getting an intel i5 4690K or an AMD FX 9370 or an FX 9590. I do rendering @1080P what would be better for gaming? And what would render videos faster?
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  1. Go for the i5, you need a GPU like the R9 290 too.
  2. Xeon E3-1231 v3 if you want to render, but don't mind not being able to overclock. It's basically a 4790, with lower clocks (200Mhz), and without an iGPU.
  3. Out of these 3 what should I get for the things I do?
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    Fx 8320 + gigabyte ud3p + decent cooler, if you're on a budget. The 9xxx series is just the fx 8320/8350 overclocked. Just overclock it yourself and you have yourself a fx 9xxx chip.

    Video editing would do better with the fx 8xxx chips, if you're doing a lot of video editing/rendering then you'll do better in this area. The i5 will do better in gaming though. With the fx 8xxx chips, your'e sacrificing single thread for multithreaded performance.

    With the budget of a 9590, you should be able to go with an i7 or xeon. Xeon if you're not overclocking and i7 if you are.

    The price you pay for the 9590 and a compatible motherboard is more expensive than just going with an i7.
  5. For gaming and especially rendering Intel beats AMD by a fair margin. I'd personally go for the i7-4820k or the i5-4690k, with 290/290x or 780/780 Ti.
  6. I would suggest the i5 for gaming, even though it is usually behind the 9590 in rendering.
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