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My friend has been having issues with drops in performance while playing battlefield 3 and bad company 2. He can normally maintain 60 fps 100% of the time however he has recently been getting drops into the 20's for a few seconds at a time. I don't remember exact temps but CPU and GPU are far below concerning temps. His motherboard has been reaching 100c+ which we believe to be related to the problem. His specs are

FX8320 @ Stock
MSI 970a-g43
HIS 7870
Corsair TX750
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  1. if the motherboard is hitting that temperatures, I'd suggest getting some heatsinks or cleaning stuff out and ensuring there is enough airflow going through the case.
  2. That motherboard is known to overheat and even catch fire.

    100c is WAY too hot. The MAX it should be at is 75. He is frying that board. It will not last much longer.
  3. He said that it shows 3 temperatures, 2 are below 75 and he doesn't believe to 3rd that is reading over 100 is accurate because if it were then he believes it would have died 6 months ago.
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    The bottom of the three temps is the northbridge temp.

    That motherboard is so bad that it could be 100c.

    The other temps are CPU temps. What are the other temps?
  5. Alright well you verified everything that I had already told him, I told him a few months ago that he needs to keep an eye on it so he doesnt burn his house down. We also ran across a "fix" which was to disable amd turbo core and that got him down to 83c which is less bad... Ive told him that it would be a good idea to upgrade to a 990fx because he is interested in OCing but I think hes leaning more toward the buying VRM/MOSFET heatsinks.

    As far as I recal CPU temps were high 50's, GPU temps were low 60's and the other motherboard temps were in the 60's
  6. 83c is still WAY too high by like 10c at least.

    That motherboard he has will be AWFUL for overclocking even with heatsinks as the power phases are TERRIBLE. DO NOT expect heatsinks to fix it. The is a badly designed board from a power standpoint. VRMs heatsinks won't fix this.
  7. I am aware but its not my pc so its not my choice. Im doing what I can by telling him what the issues are but thats all I can really do.
  8. Good luck.
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