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How long would a video that takes up 1GB of space, uncompressed, while running on say, 480p or 720p? i'm trying to help my granddad be more efficient for his internet bill. he seems to be watching a lot of Youtube videos recently and it seems to be increasing his internet bill. I want to see if he needs a new internet plan or if he could solve his problem by watching his videos at a lower resolution. Thank you!
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  1. That is not how watching youtube works. It is solely based on your internet, not the gpu. Watching in 720p will download more MB per video since it contains more details hence the better quality of the video.
    If he is watching more, then you might need a better internet plan.
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    I think ur asking how many minutes of video will you get on youtube for both 480 and 720.
    I don't know the exact numbers, but as a very rough conservative guide...

    720: 1-2 hours
    480: 2-4 hours

    If you start on those numbers you shouldn't exceed 1Gb, and can adjust from there.
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