100c cpu temp?

So im getting a lot of lag on my computer right now and i cant figure out why. i opened hwmonitor and GT and both say my cpu temp is at 100. any ideas on what is causing this? i googled it but didnt find much
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    What sort of fan speeds are you getting with the CPU fan? And what about the thermal paste, maybe you need to reapply it? Or how about the mounting of the heat-sink, maybe it came a little loose?
  2. wow, 100C no wonder that is the maximum that all cpus are rated to even be able to run at. It's throttling back to prevent melt down.

    If you have a good cpu cooler, undo it, then wipe the thermal paste and apply a new layer.
  3. i figured it out. the fan got disconnected. Probably happened today when i was putting in my new exaust fanes. it ran for a couple hours like that. Could it have done damage?
  4. if only for around 2 hours it should be fine. those cpus auto shut down when hitting 100C exactly so it should be fine.
  5. Sure, there is a chance overheating CPU could cause it to become damaged. Of course if you noticed the temperatures and cut the system off quickly enough, then that minimizes the chances of damage. The system is supposed to be designed to throttle the CPU performance and shut down the system if the CPU gets to hot to help avoid damaging it though.
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