Help Upgrading Thinkcentre m91p SFF Video Card

So I happen to buy a leonvo thinkcentre m91p 4518 with i5 2400 and 4 gig memory with 500gb HD for a measly $75 at a mall store closing. Wiped their POS system and installed win 8 pro 64 bit and I'm now using it as an entertainment media center hooked up to a HDTV via displayport. It's been a while since I messed with a desktop and now I see what I have been missing out with me using a laptop mainly for years.

Anyway I would like to hear some suggestions for a dedicated video card that can run on it's mighty 240 watts PSU which I'm reading not very easy to upgrade. From this thread looks like the radeon 7750 seemed to work fine on the same computer. Since the thread is like century old is there a better option available that might work with my rig? I've got some older games in my steam account such as nba 2k14, battlefield 2, countrsrike, train simulator that I would like to play in my big screen. I'm planning on editing some hd video as well on it. Also I'm planning to cut my cable bills when contract ends and thinking of using this as a dvr as well for basic cable channels by mythtv or win media center.

I would like to add usb 3 card on it as well is it better to get a usb 3 card that will utilize the pci and leave the only 1 available pci express x1 for other future upgrades?
Any links for a good usb 3 card would great. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Only one option - GTX 750 (or 750 Ti) - this is the lowest power current graphics, by quite some way - do do the maths carefully, but if anything is going to work with your PSU, it will be that

    If you're going to edit video, you want fast hard drives - if you have at least Sata II (3Gb/s) an SSD system drive would be a worthwhile upgrade, but I'm unsure from that link you've included - you'll have to do some more digging as it might only be SATA I. Anyway, if it's SATA II, I would recommend a Crucial MX100 or for a little more the Samsung 840 EVO
  2. Thanks for the quick reply quickly checked it on amazon looks like a beast but I forgot to add it needs to be low profile as well. The GTX 750 will take up the space for the one and only pci express slot. And I would like to use that slot eventually. Idiots who designed this board should have swapped the 2 older pci slots.

    Yes there's sata III for the HD and optical drive. and sata II and esata empty slot available. Quick question would esata power a portable 2.5 external hd?
  3. I'm sure there must be a single slot GTX 750 board out there.... anyone?
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