3 cases and I can't make my mind up.

People of tom's hardware please help me make my mind up between these 3 cases.

Case #1:

Case #2:

Case #3:

I like case #1 because it's pretty nice and it's cheap.
I like case #2 because it's very nice, it's white, and it has an awesome window.
I don't really like case #3 but I need it because I will be saving money.

Please can anyone tell me what I should get I am stuck and cannot make my mind up.
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  1. well the nzxt is the best in my mind, there quality is top notch and i've built in the window version of that which was easy and fun.
  2. If you really need to save money I'd go with Case 1, but If your hooked on case #2 (I think it's sexy) then I'd get that, it all depends on your budget, if you can spread your wings a bit then I'd go with case #1
  3. NONE. I upgrade from a rosewill ranger m to my nzxt phantom2 40 and can't be happier! Look at this case, or the nzxt 410.

    Phantom 240:

    Phantom 410:

    Please don't buy rosewill or aercool. Have had both and hated them with a passion. This n600 is truly enthusiast class.

    Coolermaster n600:
  4. If you are just sticking with your 3 choices, the choice between those three ultimately depends on what theme you're building your case with.

    If you're going with a black & red theme go with case 1.

    If you're going with a blue & white theme go with case 2.

    If you do not want any themes, or if your hardware colors are mismatched, go with case 3.
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    The NZXT out of them.
  6. I'll go with case #3, I'd rather save some money to buy a better gpu. Thanks for all the help.
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