power supply help, what cords go to what?! so many different bundles of wires!

Just got a corsair HX750 power supply and have it installed into my case, now i just have 9 separate bundles of wires that all came with it, did not think this many different cables would be coming with this not including the wires coming out of the power supply. now i think i have already figured out that the molex connectors for the power supply which i will connect to my fan controllers molex connectors go in the PERIPHERAL & SATA slots, please tell me if this is wrong. also, where the hell do the rest of these wires go? do i even use all of these damn things? if anyone could explain these different cables if you even know what the hell im talking about please explain where they go, im building my very first pc and have all my parts i just need to know where this mess of wires goes. thank you to anyone who gives me even the slightest advice because i'm basically lost as of now. the only connectors to my power supply are 6 pin PERIPHERAL & SATA and 6+2 PCI-E & 4+4 CPU btw idk if thats true for all power supplies.

P.S- do all these wires need to be in the back panel away from motherboard and everything besides the part that connects? because i really doubt that can happen as of now. i have a corsair 450D
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  1. It's hard to tell you where everything goes in a forum post. You need to go to Youtube and learn how to build a computer. A good tutorial will tell you where everything needs to go.
    Good luck! :D

    I guess I'll give you a bit of advice too. The 4+4 goes into the top left of the motherboard, the 24 pin goes into the right side of the motherboard and the 6+2 connectors go into your GPU. :)
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    If you have everything plugged that needs to be you are done. Ignore the extra cables. It's pretty easy to sort things out as the connectors will fit only in certain components. Read the manual for the power supply and the components, they will explain how to plug things in.
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