need new memory help please

I notice that web browser freezes up and stops responding quite a bit. Even when i watch a movie on VLC player it sometimes freezes. I'm thinking about getting new memory because I read that apu/cpu thrives on very fast memory. I have 1600mhz memory, i forgot the namebrand. I also use this pc for playing one and only one game... Team Fortress 2.

1) What's the highest speed of memory that my motherboard can i support(A88x-pro) ?
2) Does memory affect web browsing?
3) is 8gb good enough or should I get 16gb ?
4) is 2400mhz the highest speed ?
5) will faster memory increase fps in gaming?

my specs are:
a88x-pro (mobo)
a8 6600k (CPU)
r7 260x (Graphics card)
8gb 1600mhz (memory)

I want to buy this for the price, but not sure whether or not my motherboard supports it.""

or these ""
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    No need if you have a dGPU.

    Check Resource Monitor to see what's freezing you up.
  2. i'd like to get new ram anyway... are the rams i listed viable with my a88x-pro ?
  3. How about we try to fix the problem first?
  4. what should i be looking for in resource monitor ?
  5. i found what the problem was.... svchost.exe is taking up a lot of resources. i googled a fix and disabled superfetch. everything seems to be running smoothly now
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