1866/2133mhz 16gb ram or SSD drive for gaming?

just wondering what would be best to help gaming along. my o/s is already on a ssd but only 120gb one as they were not so cheap a while ago. thinking of getting a 3-400gb one and put fav games on it. but will it be a better choice over faster ram for the time being?
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  1. What is your CPU? I'm asking because this really matters.
  2. Hi. Cpu is amd 9590
  3. SDDs do not improve gaming performance. RAM speed only improves gaming performance to 1600MHz mostly.

    Better graphics card is always the deciding factor.

    What is your complete setup?
  4. SINCE THIS Is not an APU, going with the SSD upgrade would be better.
  5. APUs benefit the most out of faster ram. If you really want to upgrade, I suggest a 2TB SSH (Fusion Drive)
  6. set up is
    amd 9590
    asus m5a99fx pro 2.0
    evga gtx 770 4gb
    16gb ram @1600mhz
    windows 7 64 on 120gb ssd
    3tb hdd for games
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    the performance difference is very little almost negligible.... 1600 mhz of ram is recommended but having 1866 or 2133mhz of ram will make no difference in gaming so its better if u use a ssd for gaming as the installation and the loading time of the games will decrease but still no noticeable increase in fps....the two things by which u can get good or bad performance in games are CPU & GPU..
  8. gaming and fps in general are real good tbh but i am trying to get x plane 10 run a bit better as its a beast to run it seems. so i guess a ssd would be better for sims with loading times and so on.
  9. If I were you I'd go for the ssd and 2x4gb 1600MHz Ram, there is no significant difference between 1600MHz - 1866Mhz.
  10. I would imagine that sims require a lot of CPU muscle.
    Maybe specifically PER CORE performance, which you have a bit of a lack of.
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