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so i built a custom pc about a year ago, i installed a 500 GB Harddrive, now, i feel the need to upgradee my rig, so ive been thinking about getting an SSD because i would like the computer to start up faster and respond better. so here i need to ask you 2 things:
1) How would i move windows 7 and everything involved in starting up my rig to the SSD
2) How big do you think the SSD should be, i would not put any games, movies etc in tthe SSD, only things that i would like to start up faster, (Spotify, Chrome and most importantly windows itself)

Thank you all
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    you cannot move windows into a ssd you have to freshly install windows in the new ssd making it the primary drive and your hdd the storage....
    i think a 64 gb ssd will be good for u....but the size thing is totally up to you...
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