Is it possible to share ethernet cable connected internet using a usb wi-fi adapter?

Hi, I want to share desktop computer's internet which is connected through ethernet cable (I don't use a modem or a router) but doesn't have wi-fi built in, so I can have wi-fi internet on my android phone. So can I just buy a usb wi-fi adapter, bridge its connection with my ethernet connection and create a wireless hotspot? Or do I have to also buy a wireless router, setup a wireless connection and connect both the PC and phone to it? I'm new to this so sorry it's difficult to understand me.
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    what you describe (bridging) is quite feasible but since you’re probably going to purchase some equipment anyway (wi-fi adapter) why not purchase a wi-fi router instead, connect the desktop to it through Ethernet and everything else through wi-fi? This would allow you to have Internet through wi-fi even if the PC is turned off and it would make things easier to manage also.

    Hope that helps!
  2. Haven't though about that, thanks a lot!
  3. yes it is possible to share using WiFi adapter
    purchase an WiFi adapter and install the software and set it as AP mode
    share your internet connection using sharing option

    enable WiFi in your mobile or laptop
    start browsing.
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