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I'm building a new computer after my old computer capped itself after 5 years of abuse. Primarily using it to record gaming videos for Xbox 360, AutoCAD and SketchUp use required due to work and general gaming (probably as hard hitting as Crysis 2).

Here's my dilemma, I have bought multiple parts already, and money is an issue. I have bought so far:

AMD FX-6300 Processor
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard
ASUS GT430 Fermi 1GB Video Card (temporary, all I have at this precise moment in time.
NZXT Source 210 Case
Corsair CX500M PSU
Lightscribe DVD Writer (salvaged from my old PC, still works like a charm)
Cooler Master 212 EVO CPU fan

I haven't got yet:

Hard Drive (preferably WD, as no problems whatsoever with them, I wouldn't touch Seagate with an extended bargepole due to massive screw ups with them)
RAM (Looking for 8GB, what G-Skills low profile RAM would suffice with the motherboard and the cooler?)
Operating system (Windows 7, but not sure whether to get the OEM £40 disc from Amazon)

Basically, I'm having issues deciding what cheap, 2x4GB RAM would work in my motherboard with the cooler. I'd rather not use the stock AMD fan, as I have heard that they are very subpar. Would a WD Caviar Blue 1TB drive work well with the setup? And would it be good to go with the OEM operating system from Amazon (
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  1. The HDD would be just fine. And as for the OS, go with windows 8.1, you would be going with something obsolete if you choose windows 7 as it is losing mainstream support in January 2015. As for the Ram Corsair vengeance LPs would fit, the g.skill Ares too.
  2. But there still is extended support which I don't think would cause many problems? And is there much difference between Windows 8.1 and 7 in terms of gaming? I have some old XP games I would like to try and play them, and I'm worried if that wouldn't allow me to play them.
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    It wouldn't cause any problems, but I wouldn't recommend it. There is no big difference between the two OSs if you want to play XP games, some games will work fine, others will need some fiddling to get them to start. (And that's on both versions)
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