Laptop Turns on but turns off after 3 seconds

Just this morning, I tried turning my laptop on but it won't. I tried charging it to see if it's the problem but it also isn't. I have tried removing the battery while connecting it to AC Adaptor but it also would not charge. I have tried removing the battery and charger, pressing the button for 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds, plugging in the AC Adaptor then the battery, but it still woudn't work.

Also, when I press f5, my computer seems to turn on but as I said, it would turn off after 3 seconds. It wouldn't even get into the booting screen. It would turn off instantly.

My laptop is an HP 2000.
Help, guys. I just borrowed this from my mom and if it doesn't get fixed, she wouldn't buy me a new one just for me.


Please help guys.
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  1. is there any beeping sounds
  2. None. But just this morning, it turned on magically. It first showed that bios is corrupted then press enter to continue. I did. I don't want to turn it off yet. I want to fix it before doing so or I might not be able to do it again.
  3. what does the bios say specificaly.
  4. Err that was the problem. I press enter because I was anxious for it to work. I just saw that it said corrupted bios some numbers press enter to continue.
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