Is temeperature of my i5-2300 2.8GHz alright ?

If anyone know pls help, here is the pic: that's when i'm playing battlefield 4 on ultra..

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Seems a bit on the "too hot" side. now if you had given details about your cooler, your case and the fans in the case we might have been able to respond with a little more info. Even if you had expanded on that screenshot the little drop-down for "fans" we would have known more and could have given more feedback.
  2. If i understood you, you wanted better pic, here it is :
    And if u ask me for coolers : I have one normal on my cpu, it came when i bought cpu, then i have on PSU one, one on gpu, and one more which i bought for only 6euro...
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    ok, that picture helped a lot. Your fans are running hard, I think your CPU is being thermally throttled, since all temps are really close to max.

    You can look at two solutions - move more air through your case is where you start. Put an intake fan at the front, and an outlet fan at the back.

    If that does not help much, then improve the CPU cooling - the cheapest improvement for that is the Evo Hyper 212 - but check the size, since that meeds room inside your case - and it won't work if you cannot move the hot air out of the case.

    To test this theory, first remove the side panel of your PC case and play like that. See if temps drop a little. WHile you are opening hte case, see if there is a lot of dust in there - if it is, buy canned air and blow it out - you'll be surprised how much that helps!
  4. I tryed everything except buying that Evo Hyper 212. My case is thermaltake, and one extra fan in it, so it have a lot of air in case for sure and it's not dirty i'm blowing it out very often, i dont know is it problem, b'cuz it's about 42 temp. when i'm out of games, for exam. in sniper elite 3 i have this : and it's a lot better then when i'm playing bf4.
  5. You're right. It's only when you drive the CPU hard that the temperatures increase. Seems the stock cooling might not cut it in that case - as I said earlier, you run up to the thermal limits of the CPU.

    Read this:
  6. Ok, thank you, i'll see that link :)
  7. Now i have this, thanks for help, my temp goes down for 20c :)
  8. Looks really good! Glad things are working for you. :)
  9. One more thing pls..
    What do you think would i be fine with new gpu.. I thought to buy gtx 760 dcu2oc and i'm not 100% sure would my cpu handle it, would there be bottlenecking, and would my cpu temp increase.. Big thanks for big help again !! :)

    CPU = i5-2300 2.8ghz(Turbo boost 3.1ghz)
    GPU = gtx 460 dcu2oc
    RAM = 8gb
    PSU = 620W Seasonic bronze
    MOBO = P8H61-M LE...
    My res : 1680x1050

    Thanks again :)
  10. If your power supply can handle it, and case ventilation is adequate, you should not notice a big increase in temperatures. That's a really nice upgrade and your CPU is more than able to handle the GPU.
  11. Thanks a lot :)
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