Looking for a gaming headset. Please help!

Hi guys

I'm looking for a gaming headset with the following features -
- should work with pc, xbox360 and ps3 and ps4
- would be awesome if it works with mobile too
- 5.1 or 7.1 preferred but its ok if its missing
- should be comfortabe as i'm going tobe using it for long hours.
- money is not an issue but i dont wanna spend more than $400 if possible
- i would prefer it wireless but i've heard wired is always better so I would really appreciate some light on this topic too
- no chatting so the mic can be whatever I really wont care

I have been looking at astro a50s, tritton kunai, turtle beach xp7 and sound blaster recon 3ds (plus some sennheiser) but i'm really confused as to what to buy. there are a lot of good and bad reviews about them all.

I was a fan of bose qc15s but now i need something for my consoles too. i take really good care of my tech so i guess build quality would not be an issue but hey i'm spending so much money so might as well the best stuff.

Please help! I need them very soon and I live in australia so shipping from US might take time
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    I think the Astro A50's are probably what your looking for and are better than anything on that list. They are probably the best/in the top three best gaming headsets out there right now.

    A review of the Astro A50's
  2. @Endgamerguy which ones are the other two? I want to know whats the best in the market so that at least I have something to compare a50s to. Also, regarding whether to choose wireless or wired, what would be your choice? I'm really kind of looking at individual opinions here :)
    Also, which headphones/headsets do you like personally?
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