Will this CPU bottleneck this GPU

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  1. no not even close to bottle necking
  2. Yes it will bottleneck. On the flip side, you can also turn up the eye candy a bit to offset some of it.,3807-2.html
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    It will depend on the game. Games that spread load across all four cores evenly should be fine, but games that load one or two cores more than others will bottleneck at the CPU because each core won't be fast enough to handle the load on its own.
  4. It does depend on what games you play. But for the most part that gpu would be the limit as to how high you could go on the hierarchy of graphics. (you may be able to get away with a gtx 760) You can expect to play games like csgo maxed . But if you expect to play games like bf4, crysis 3 or many of the next gen titles you will need to go with an i5 to get those high 60 fps with high/max settings.
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