OS7 Launching Slow w Programs Not Accessible. PROBLEM SOLVED.

I definitely am in need of the advise of a sagacious computer nerd to solve my currently unsolvable computer dilemma. I am worried that I might need to end up formatting the SSD and start over when I only installed the new drive three weeks ago.

Here is what is happening: my computer is running a POST as normal and it is followed by the Microsoft logo that remains on screen for as long as ten minutes before it opens to the main screen. I am able to open a few programs such as Firefox and Word but no go on Photoshop or any other processor intensive programs.

Moreover, another problem that I think holds relevance is that my 1TB HDD that is secondary internal drive is now NOT displayed under My Computer. I switched the SATA ports from another internal drive and the 1TB drive still did not appear. There is a conundrum however as I noticed that during the POST the 1TB Hitachi HDD is listed among the other internal drives on my computer, so the question is what is happening to 1TB drive from the time that it show in the POST until the launch of OS7?

I have exhausted everything I can think of to remedy the problem and would therefore be grateful for any prudent feedback that might fix my problem.

In brief, I will list the some of the things I have tried but have not worked so far:
1. Entered via Safe Mode and switched off all Services and Start-up drivers and programs through "msconfig" but this made no difference; device manager showed no problem.
2. Ran Windows 7 System Repair Disc and had it run in repair mode. It found no errors.
3. I reset the CMOS and cleared the BIOS and then reprogrammed it. No change.
4. Ran Norton Internet Security full scan and no viruses/Trojan horses/etc. were detected though I know that is not definitive that there is nothing malicious on my computer. Perhaps I need to try another program to scan for problems?

Again, I would appreciate any feedback on how I might proceed. Thanks.

Here are my computer specs:

ASUS P8Z77-V Pro MB; Intel Core i5-3570 Quad-Core 3.4Ghz; Corsair Hydro Series H100i Extreme Liquid CPU Cooler; Corsair Vengeance Blue 16GB; Asus GeForce GTX 550 Ti Graphic Card, LG Blu-Ray/DVD Drive; Crucial 254GB SSD [Main Drive]; OCZ 128 SSD [Extra Drive]; 1TB Hitachi HDD; 500GB Seagate HDD, Microsoft OS 7 Ultimate Edition x64; Office 2013 x64
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  1. what your pc spec? the only think we know is you have a second 1TB HDD, what the main disk? a SSD?
    did you have page file setup to use the HDD?
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    The problem of the computer freezing up after performing a POST has been resolved by me.

    I should have considered it as an option so I disappointment myself that I did not. What was causing my computer to slow down during start-up and made it impossible to launch any processor intensive programs such as Photoshop or even copy files from one folder to another was the "ghost drive." As cited originally I noted that aside from the slow down I also noticed that my primary 1TB HDD was being displayed on the list during the POST but it did not show up under My Computer, thus the term "ghost drive."

    Working with this HDD earlier, I had switched the SATA ports from one internal HDD that was displaying with the one that was not and it made no difference at all. Finally, after myriad hours of troubleshooting today and then seeking help here and waiting for a rescue raft from someone smarter than me to save the day, I thought what would happen if I simply disconnected the "ghost drive" from the system. Presto!

    The missing drive was the source of my computer's major slow down. Once off the system everything reset back to a normal state and I could even pop open Photoshop in a few seconds. So I have a working computer again but I have a 1TB HDD that is my main drive for all my content that is not working properly for some reason, or maybe it is a MB issue. I do not know.

    If anyone has any suggestions about the HDD issue, please share your input. I could really still use a booster today and another rescue raft. Thanks for reading. Take care:)
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